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About Ethiopia's Waiting Child Program

Since 2004, adoption in Ethiopia has grown substantially, making a name for itself in the international adoption world. Thousands of beautiful, healthy babies are brought home by American families each year from Ethiopia; however there is still a great need within the country to find homes for children who are older or have a medical need. Some of these children have been abandoned since a young age and have grown up in children’s homes, others were placed in an orphanage because parents passed away, and still others are infants with a condition that classifies them as having a special need.

The Ethiopia Waiting Children Program was started by America World 2008, in an effort to find homes for these precious children. There are currently a large number of older children in the children’s homes that we work with who are eager to find their eternal families. It is our prayer that these eternal families are also eager to find these children.

The needs seen in the program are varied and may include children who are HIV positive, have a hearing/vision impairment, or other needs. These children may also be healthy but older in age.

We have a number of children waiting to be adopted. If you would like more information about the children currently available, please request the password to view the childrens’ profiles or contact your family coordinator.

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The Country of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the only African country that was not colonized as various European nations scrambled to divide and rule Africa. With the brief exception of the Italian occupation from 1936-1941, Ethiopia has remained an independent nation.

With a population of over 91 million people, there is an assorted collection of food, languages, customs and people groups. Ethiopia also contains a diverse landscape, including parts of the Nile River and the Great Rift Valley. As an East African landlocked country, Ethiopia is bordered by Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti.

Ethiopia, an ancient Christian nation, has deep-rooted Ethiopian Orthodox customs and practices. The Judaic-Christian roots of Ethiopia can be found in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Today, about half the population of Ethiopia is Christian.

Unfortunately, this country that is about twice the size of Texas has an estimated 4.3 million orphans. The children are primarily orphaned due to poverty, and live in both government-run and privately established orphanages.