Who We Are

On August 1st, 1994 Brian and Renee Luwis traveled to China for the first time, to hold and bring home their newly adopted daughter, Fei. After realizing that there were still so many more orphans without homes, they decided to take action. Shortly after returning from China, Brian and Renee began to create and build what is now the America World Adoption Association — a ministry dedicated to sharing the belief that one of God's most profound blessings is to experience a child by adoption.

Our Mission: America World is committed to helping America's families and the world's orphans experience the love of God in Jesus through the "Spirit of adoption." We are a Christ centered organization that values the right of every child to have a family and believes adoption is a God ordained way to build a family. America World is also devoted to actively supporting orphan awareness ministries and hopes to spread the Spirit of adoption within the Christian community.

As an agency we offer service that is both personal and dependable. Our Family Coordinators are trained to handle every detail of your adoption process and will begin to work with you from the moment your application is approved. Your Family Coordinator works closely with you throughout the entire process and is sensitive to the needs of both you and your child. They will be by your side, as your main point of contact, throughout your adoption process. We believe that nothing happens by accident and if you decide to adopt though us we are confident that God will place just the right child (or children) in your home.