India Requirements

Per CARA, the government of India, families can apply who are interested in adopting a child with a medical need of any age or a healthy child over the age of 5 years unless the family has OCI or NRI Indian heritage status and therefore can request a child of any age, healthy or with a medical need.
Processing Time
The average timeframe for an adoption process from India is 18-24 months or longer. Families adopting a currently waiting child may experience a quicker timeframe. The waiting timeframe for a referral of a child and the subsequent approvals within India, is unpredictable and unknown for each family.
Children Available
The children who are available for adoption are boys and girls, some sibling sets, ages 6 months- 15 years of age. Families research medical needs during the home study process and list the medical needs they are comfortable considering adopting. Medical needs include; heart conditions, blood conditions (including HIV), hand, foot, leg or arm differences, vision or hearing impairments, cleft lip/palate, developmental delays, spine conditions, cerebral palsy as well as other medical conditions. Many conditions can be corrected or managed by surgery or therapy and many children receive therapy or surgery while in India. AWAA has many resources to help families research and consider various medical needs or adopting an older child.
Parent's Ages
- Prospective adoptive parents should be at least 25 years of age and no more than 50 years of age if adopting a child age three or younger. Married couples may not have a combined age of more than 90 years. These provisions may be relaxed in exceptional cases, such as the adoption of older children, siblings, and children with special needs. Neither of the prospective adoptive parents, however, can be older than 50 years.

- If adopting a child older than three years of age, the prospective adoptive parents should be at least 25 and no more than 55 years of age. Married couples may not have a combined age of more than 105 years.

- Single prospective adoptive parents must be more than 30 and less than 50 years of age. The maximum age is 45 years to adopt children younger than three, and 50 years to adopt children older than three.
Marriage Status
Couples should be married a minimum of 2 years and have had a relationship with their spouse for a minimum of 5 years.
Couples with more than one divorce are not permitted to adopt from India.
Children in Home
Couples with 4 or less children in the home, or single women with 2 children in the home, can apply to adopt a child who is age 5 or older or a younger child with a moderate to severe medical need.
Families must be able to show they can adequately provide financially for their children. Income and full financial status will be evaluated as part of the adoption process
Criminal History
All criminal history will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any felonies or crimes against children will disqualify families from eligibility.
Medical History
Applicants must show that they are physically and mentally fit to parent a child by adoption. Current, major, or chronic medical issues within the past 2 years, including mental health diagnosis, are considered on a case by case basis.
Travel to Country
Families will be typically be in India for 2 weeks. This includes traveling to the city where the child’s orphanage is located as well as working with the U.S. Consulate in New Delhi.
Post Adoption
Post Adoption report requirements vary depending on the requirements of the orphanage, province and court decree. The minimum report requirement is every 6 months for 2 years. The maximum is every 3 months for 2 years with additional self reports every 6 months for 5 additional years.

**Please refer to America World's Agency Adoption Requirements for a complete list of requirements.