Agency Adoption Requirements

These intake eligibility requirements are a combination of agency, foreign country and immigration requirements and are used to help us determine potential eligibility for an adoption in a foreign country.

  1. Prospective adoptive families and orphans must meet eligibility requirements of the country from which they are adopting, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and their respective state laws.
  2. One parent must be at least 25 yrs. old to be accepted into an international program. Please check specific age requirements for China, Haiti & the Domestic Program, as their age requirements vary from this.
  3. Prospective parents can not have more than two (2) divorces per person. Two (2) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Prospective parents must be married for one (1) year before applying to AWAA. Single applicants who become engaged while in process will be required to suspend their adoption and reapply as a married couple one year after the marriage. Please check specific program requirements as they may vary.
  5. Single males are not permitted to adopt through AWAA.
  6. Chronic illnesses, history of cancer, and other health concerns are reviewed on a case by case basis and in conjunction with country specific requirements.
  7. Families being treated for mental health conditions including depression and anxiety will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We encourage families to check the specific requirements of the particular program(s) of their interest for further details.
  8. When applying, if you are pregnant, or have a child less than 6 months of age, you will be required to complete a concurrent family building application in addition to your adoption application.
  9. Families who are in the process of adopting who become pregnant or desire to start a concurrent adoption will be considered on a case by case basis. Approval is based on the country requirements of both the family’s adoption program and the adoption program of interest, a social worker's recommendation and agency approval.
  10. One or both prospective parents must agree and initial America World's Statement of Faith.
  11. A prospective adoptive family, who has previously adopted, may apply for a subsequent adoption. The requirements of the application are dependent upon the family’s post adoptive stage. Families who have finalized an adoption in under six months will be required to submit a Concurrent Family Building Application along with their full application. Acceptance into the program is dependent upon the social worker’s recommendation and America World’s approval. Families who have been home for six months or more may apply without submitting the Concurrent Family Building Application once a favorable six month Post Adoption report has been received, reviewed and approved.
  12. If prospective parents are applying for a subsequent adoption with AWAA, timeliness of post adoption/post placement reports and AWAA's working relationship with the family during the previous adoption(s) will be taken into consideration in determination of eligibility.
  13. Police involvement and/or criminal record will be considered on a case by case basis and in conjunction with the country's requirements.
  14. Any illegal drug usage will be considered on a case by case basis and in conjunction with the country's requirements.
  15. A family’s financial history is assessed to include assets, liabilities, net worth, income, and expenses. Additional financial information may be needed to determine a family’s eligibility. Please check the specific country requirements as they may vary.
  16. America World provides home studies and other social services ONLY for the following purposes: international adoption, hosting, domestic adoption (where permitted by local licensing standards), foster care (where permitted by local licensing standards), and post adoption/post placement reports. America World is not equipped to conduct home studies for purposes of child custody disputes or other legal matters not related to aforementioned purposes. Individuals seeking these services should contact their local Domestic Relations Court for more information.
  17. As part of the intake process, additional information may be required to determine eligibility. Failure to disclose important information may affect client’s eligibility. Please see note below.

Note: Applicants are expected to disclose any issues regarding health, criminal background, history of physical and sexual abuse, bankruptcy, financial stability, disabilities and special needs. Nondisclosure will impair America World’s ability to assess your eligibility and serve you. Please call the office or email ( if you have questions or concerns about these items affecting your eligibility.

Note: Families who are eligible for multiple discounts (i.e. second time adopters, who are associates or a pastor adopting a special needs child) will receive the highest discount for which they are eligible but the discounts are not cumulative.