Hello. My Name is Euphine Achieng

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Child Profile

Euphine Achieng
Gender: Female
Country: Kenya

Financial Support


Euphine Achieng's Story

Euphine came to the Akiba school through a recommendation. She is highly ranked in her class and aspires to be a university lecturer.

The Country of Kenya

America World is partnering with the Akiba School, an institution founded in 1993 in the Kangemi slum in Nairobi, Kenya, providing education to impoverished school-aged children in primary and secondary school. In 2001, The Falls Church Anglican (TFCA) began a sponsorship program to provide tuition funding for needy students to attend the school. In continued partnership with TFCA, America World began administration of this sponsorship program in 2013.

The Akiba School child sponsorship program began in 2001. At that time, two young men from The Falls Church Anglican were in Nairobi teaching at the Akiba School and volunteering at the Light and Power Center (L&P) for street children. It quickly became apparent to them that there were many kids at L&P who would love to go to school, but were unable to pay the necessary fees. And so the sponsorship program was born. As more people from TFCA visited the Akiba School, they also became sponsors and returned to the States sharing stories about the many children who desired to go to school…and this led many others to decide to sponsor Kenyan children as well. Now, there are over 80 children sponsored!

The Sponsorship Program

An exciting part of this program is that it is not merely about money, but also about developing a relationship with each child. We are convinced that the program is a powerful way to serve the less fortunate, as the school sponsorship fees are not merely impacting the child, but also the child’s family, the school and the teachers. The sponsored child is lifted out of a life on the streets and given hope and a good education, and the Akiba School is given consistent financial support (ensuring that the teachers can be paid). Consequently, the teachers can be active participants in the local economy and send their children to school as well. The program becomes a waterfall of blessing!

Sponsorship Fees

It only costs $125 per quarter to support one child’s education. This includes tuition, uniforms, lunch, shoes, a book bag, school supplies, medical treatment (if necessary), computer classes, and stationery/stamps. All donations are tax-deductible.

Correspondence With Sponsored Children

The children are expected to write three letters each year to their sponsors. We hope that all of our sponsors will respond with letters of their own. Letters to your sponsored child can be mailed to:

P.O. BOX 386

Sponsors should NOT put their children’s names on the envelope, but should include the names on the letters. This way the headmaster can pick up the mail from the post office. The kids absolutely LOVE mail from their sponsors and will cherish each word written to them. Sponsors should also NOT send packages, as they are charged a tax that the school cannot afford.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rob Henneberg at akiba@awaa.org or 703-891-9784

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Child sponsorship helps provide for the basic needs of a child through an automatic, recurring contribution. If you would like to stop your donation at any time, please contact us at 800-429-3369 or sponsorship@awaa.org