Christopher & Jasmine

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Dear expectant mother,

Our names are Christopher and Jasmine and we want to, personally, thank you for taking time to read our letter. We know that it takes an unselfish, caring person to make the decision to place their child for adoption, and we want you to know that we support you fully. We have a strong faith in God and commit to pray for you on a daily basis as you enter this difficult, decision making time in your life. We want you to know that we understand that life may be confusing for you right now and we pray that you will make the best decision with which your heart can be most at peace.

Jasmine and I, Christopher, got married in September of 2009, and from the day of our wedding, we were ready to have children. However, a year later, life throws us a “curve ball” and we discover that having birth children would probably never happen. This was not the end of the world for us, and instead of moving into depression, we began to explore other options of expanding our family which led us to the decision to adopt. We have come to realize that a family does not have to be tied to DNA to be a real family and God has placed big hearts in my wife and me to love whoever enters our family.

Jasmine, my wife, has such a great mothering instinct that God has placed within her, and I see her rocking your baby in our rocking chair and singing lullabies. We have cared for our young baby nieces multiple times, and I have witnessed my wife’s patience and care as she comforts them and searches out what they need when they are crying uncontrollably. She is one who will place your baby’s need first above her own. As the child grows and matures, I see my wife patiently teaching the child everything she knows about cooking, crocheting, sewing, math, and playing the piano (currently a piano teacher). Her excellent sewing skills have led her to make curtains for our baby room and her creative side is evident on the walls of the baby room in creating a “Winnie the Pooh” theme. As she preps to receive your baby, I see her watching Netflix in our reclining chair and crocheting a baby hat, sock, shirt, or pants for the baby, then as that child grows she will be sewing patches over the holes in the clothes the child did while playing, as well as creating other articles of clothing for them. I love her desire to home-school, and I know that she will find creative ways to educate your child to ensure a bright future for him or her.

Chris has been a nurse for over five years at our local hospital and is the kindest, gentlest guy you could ever have taking care of you and is very well liked by patients and fellow coworkers. When he's not working, Chris enjoys playing games with family, working in the yard, and looks forward to taking our children to places like Mt. Rushmore, the Science Museum, go bowling, and/or walks around the neighborhood and park, which Molly our Labra doodle absolutely loves!
Chris loves our nieces, and jumps on opportunities to hold baby Lucy or chase, dance and be silly with Alice, who's almost at age three. He loves to babysit either of them, even if I cannot, and he is very attentive to them and watchful of them near stairs or other dangerous places, never missing a beat. Chris is a thoughtful, goofy, light-hearted, family driven man who makes me laugh every day. (Picture below is of Chris with our niece.)

If we are blessed to welcome a child into our family through adoption, we will be open with the child and share the story of how the child entered our home. We will make sure that you are not forgotten and that the child understands the important role that you gave in giving them life. We are open to staying in contact with you after placement of the child, and we will work that out with you as you feel most comfortable. Thank you again for taking time to read our letter.

May the Lord bless you,
Christopher and Jasmine

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