Marc & Shannon

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Dear Birth Family,

We are so happy that you have chosen to look at and consider our family. We pray that God's love and grace are with you during this difficult time in your life and we pray that you are able to make a birth plan for your child that provides you with peace and comfort. We would love to be the family that you choose to love and care for your child and to provide your child with all the opportunities, security, and love that we give to our daughters.

Our names are Marc and Shannon, and we have two daughters. Shannon is the hopeful optimist of the family, who inspires and leads us to become better people. To Shannon nothing is impossible or unachievable. Shannon is a nurse, and thrives on the ability to help people. Marc is the planner of the family. He is a scientist and loves technology and TRIES to be funny and goofy. Our older daughter is extremely smart. She loves playing soccer, singing in the church choir, reading, and making up stories which she acts out with dolls. Our younger daughter is also very smart, and can figure out how to use electronic devices with astonishing speed. In our old age she will be setting up our devices. She also plays soccer and takes ballet. Even with all this going on, we feel that God is calling us to add another member to our family, and that we have so much love and attention to give to our new child when they arrive.

We are a Christian family and are active and involved members of our church. We are blessed to have an amazing faith community in which to raise our children. Our family comes from Irish, Scottish, German, English, French, and Canadian ancestry. Our family traditions are similar to many others: we celebrate Christmas and Easter, trick or treat on Halloween, enjoy the company of family on Thanksgiving, attend the Fourth of July parade, celebrate our Irish heritage on St. Patrick's day, go to the beach or mountains for vacation, have seasonal and holiday gatherings with our extended family, and celebrate birthdays with family and friends. We live in the suburbs of a large city. We enjoy the benefits of having great schools, libraries, sports leagues, but the traffic drives us crazy. We frequently talk about getting away to a less busy area, but with Marc's parents living nearby and both of us being happy with our jobs and community it is unlikely that we actually will. We live in a wonderful community. When the weather is nice you will see all the neighborhood children and parents outside playing games, kicking or throwing a ball, or just chatting. It is a fantastic place to live and play.

We love our daughters and thoroughly enjoy being parents. There is always lots of love, cuddles, hugs and kisses. We love our bedtime routine for the girls; when we pray together as a family, read stories, give blessings, and sing to the girls. It is important to us that we provide comfort and consistency for our children. We place a very high value on education. We sent both of our daughters to the preschool administered by our church, where both daughters were well prepared for their elementary school, which is highly regarded in an area full of great schools. We take an active role in the education of the children, working with them on their homework and maintaining active contact with their teachers. We encourage physical activity through outdoor playtime, family walks, and sports. We enjoy being outside swimming during the summer, playing soccer in the spring and fall, and sledding and making snowmen in the winter.

As a result of our life experiences, we support openness in adoption. We respect your wishes, as the birth mother, with regard to the level of contact you wish to have and maintain, and understand that over time the level of contact may change based on feelings, events, and life situations. We also will respect your privacy. Thank you for considering us as a family for your child. We are praying for you and the decision that you face. If your choice is to place your child with our family, you can be assured that we will love and cherish your child and that your child will know how much you love them.

Love, Marc and Shannon

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