Ken & Jocelyn

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Ken and Jocelyn. Thank you so much for considering the five of us as a loving family for your child. We have three amazing children, and feel a very strong desire to grow our family through adoption. We cannot begin to imagine the feelings you have and will experience as you plan an adoption for your baby. We truly admire your courage, strength, and the unselfish love you have for your child. We pray you find comfort in the Lord, as He has a perfect plan for your baby.

We have been happily married since 1998. We met while we were both finishing our undergraduate college degrees. We got married while Jocelyn was earning her Master’s Degree in Education and Ken was preparing to start Dental School. During the first years of our marriage, Ken attended Dental School while Jocelyn taught kindergarten in the local school system. Ken graduated and joined his Dad in a dental practice around the same time as the birth of our first son. Jocelyn has been a stay-at-home mom ever since. Our second son was born two years later, followed by our daughter three years after that. We decided early on to home-school our children. They are thriving in their learning and are involved in many extra curricular activities.

Both of our families live close by and we spend a great deal of time with them. Our parents often enjoy coming on vacations with us. We love going to the beach and usually spend two weeks there each year and a few long weekends. We like to take our children to theme parks, museums, playgrounds, and on hiking and camping trips.

Ken is a wonderful husband and father. He is such a hard worker and is devoted to his role as leader of our family. Ken is generous, selfless, kind, accountable, funny and always willing to help anyone as best he can. Ken usually works four days a week in his dental practice and enjoys reading and telling stories, playing with the kids, camping and going on family hikes and bike rides.

Jocelyn is a compassionate, tenderhearted and patient wife and mother. She is shy, kind, creative and nurturing. She is devoted to the care and schooling of our children and is focused on the health and happiness of our family. She and the children enjoy their schooling time and are often busy with field trips, social gatherings, and sports classes.

Our oldest son is a sweet, funny, outgoing boy. He enjoys building with Legos, swimming, riding his unicycle and playing outside in the wooded area behind our house. He loves to read and learn. Our second son is very active! He loves stuffed animals, building toys, all sports, playing board games and doing anything outside. Our daughter is loving, creative, and helpful. She spends a lot of time wearing dress-up clothes while she sings and dances. She likes playing games, listening to stories, pretending to be a mommy to her dolls, and playing outside. All of our children are very excited to have a new baby brother or sister in the family.

We live in the suburbs of a large city. Our 5 bedroom home is at the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood. We are close to many parks and recreation opportunities. Our children participate in activities like swim team, 4-H, unicycle (our boys), dance (our daughter) and art. We are very involved with our church, Jocelyn is the Director of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.

We are a loving family and we want you to know that your baby will be raised in a home full of faith, love, support, encouragement, patience and fun times. Your baby will grow up knowing the gift of life that you gave him or her and the great love that you have for them. Thank you for reading our profile and we pray that you will have wisdom and peace while you are making these difficult choices for your baby.

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