AWAA Financial Resource Packet
Download your copy of the Financial Resources Packet to help lessen (or eliminate) your adoption costs.
Eternal Family Program
Invite your family, friends and church to advocate on behalf of orphans by helping to support your adoption process.
Resources 4 Adoption
Resources 4 Adoption offers charts with updated information on grants and loans available for adoptive families, as well as other helpful resources including a free monthly newsletter.
Show Hope
Show Hope, a ministry of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, has been established to care for orphans by engaging the church and helping Christian families reduce the financial barriers to adoption.
Abba Fund
The ABBA Fund provides financial assistance to Christian couples who are called by God to expand their families through adoption and who need help with the “cash flow crunch” posed by adoption expenses.
Lifesong For Orphans
Lifesong for Orphans encourages Christian couples to adopt a child by relieving some of the financial burden of international and domestic adoption. They provide Adoption Matching Grants from $1k-$4k per child, and also offer Interest-Free Loans up to $10,000
Special Needs Adoption Subsidy (Domestic)
Families who adopt a special needs child who is born in the United States are eligible to apply for financial assistance toward adoption costs and ongoing financial assistance for the care of the child through adoption subsidy. The amount of the assistance varies by state.
CMomA Grants
The CMomA Grant Program Objective is to give up to twenty $5,000 CMomA Grants per year to eligible new parents adopting older children in need (age 3-17), both domestically and internationally.
Caroline's Promise
The purpose of Caroline’s Promise is to reclaim hope for orphans through: adoptive family assistance, orphan care & education. North and South Carolina residents only.
Gift of Adoption Fund
Gift of Adoption is a national charitable organization that inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified parents – giving children who need families a permanent home and a chance to thrive. The Gift of Adoption provides grant amounts up to $7,500.
The Asian Bridge
The Asian Bridge provides interested couples considering adoption from China with information assistance, and reduces the financial barriers through the provision of financial grants.
Both Hands Foundation
Both Hands Foundation is a practical example of James 1:27 where God commands believers to care for the orphan and the widow. They are partnered with Lifesong for Orphans to provide financial assistance to adoptive families, in addition to providing widows with landscaping and home repairs.
A Child Waits Foundation
A non profit charitable organization founded in 1998 that provides low interest loans for prospective adoptive parents
America World Adoption Discounts
America World offers a Pastor's Discount, Military Discount, and Second Adoption Discount.

Pastor’s Discount: One of the two spouses or the single applicant must be a part-time or full time minister (20-40 hours per week) as defined by the IRS and the combined income of both spouses must be $70,000 or less. If they meet these requirements, they will receive 10% off of their program fees for the country from which they are adopting.

Military Discount: One of the two spouses or the single applicant must be in a branch of the military on active duty, and the combined income of both spouses must be $70,000 or less. If they meet these requirements, they will receive 10% off of their program fees for the country from which they are adopting.

Second Adoption Discount: If the family is adopting through America World for a second, third, fourth, etc. time, they are eligible for 10% off of their program fees, regardless of the country from which they are adopting.
Tax Benefits for Adoption: The Adoption Tax Credit
Information for general educational purposes.
Q&A's -- Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN)
Provides information to taxpayers who need a taxpayer identification number for a child who has been placed in their home pending final adoption.
America's Christian Credit Union
America's Christian Credit Union provides a wide range of financial services,primarily focusing on service and stewardship, to make every dollar count.
Heart of the Bride
Heart of the Bride is dedicated to helping provide for the needs of orphans around the world. They provide assistance grants to adoptive families.
The Rollstone Foundation
The Rollstone Foundation's mission is to aid in the adoption of special needs children.
Help Us Adopt is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) financial assistance grant program providing qualified couples and individuals with grants of up to $15,000 towards their domestic, international, foster, or special needs adoption expenses.
Pure Charity
Create fundraisers for your mission trip, adoption, or to support the charities you care about.
The Shepherd's Crook Ministry
The Shepherd's Crook Ministry enables others to make tax-deductible donations which can be used toward adoption expenses.