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The Reynolds Family

We had thought about adoption over the years, but had never pursued it. One day I heard an advertisement on the radio for a Spirit of Adoption seminar that America World was having in our area. I told my wife about it and we decided to go and check it out. Our 3 (biological) sons were 11-, 13- and 15-years-old at that time. We learned a lot about adoption and the international adoption process. We also learned what God says about adoption and His heart towards orphans. After much prayer and discussion over the next few weeks, and checking out all the different programs that America World offers, we felt led and prayed about adopting a baby girl from China. We felt God saying, “Yes, you have a daughter in China,” so in March of 2003, we filled out and sent in the application to AWAA. We now have 2 daughters from china and are in the process of adopting an 8-year-old boy from China!

We adopted our first daughter in August 2004 from Guangdong, China. It was an incredible experience. America World walked us through the whole process and was there to answer any questions we had. They were also there to give encouragement and prayer anytime we needed it. The Lord seemed to always be there and provided for anything that was needed throughout the process. Once all the required paperwork (the dossier) was finished and sent to China, we received our daughter's referral in six months. Our whole family gathered around our computer. As we opened the email from our Family Coordinator with our new daughter’s picture, we were in awe, she was so cute! The travel arrangements were made. About 8 weeks later, our whole family traveled to China for 2 weeks to complete our daughter’s adoption; she was 9 1/2 months old. We traveled with 8 other families that we became friends with and are still in contact with today. Traveling to China was a great experience that our family will always remember.

After being home for about 6 months, my wife and I felt led to look at the America World’s Special Needs list. There she was right on the top of the page, our daughter! She was 9 years old and was listed as blind! The Lord spoke to both my wife and me and said, "Yes, this is your daughter." We had felt that we would adopt again, but didn’t know it would be so soon and that she would be 9 years old! Being that she was Special Needs, the process was expedited. Nine months after we started the paperwork, we were again traveling to China, and again it was a great experience! She has adjusted very well and has blended right into our family like she always belonged with us. She has since had a cornea transplant on her left eye and is recovering well. She has learned English very quickly!

We are currently in the process of adopting a 8-year-old boy who was on the Special Needs list. He was on the list when we arrived home with our second daughter, and was still there six months later. His picture had been on our computer screensaver and we had been praying for him for quite a while. We decided that it would be great if we could be his forever family. All the kids agreed, so we started the process! It is going great!

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