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The Haugh Family

David and I have three biological children: Arthur, Austin and Lillie. Several years after Lillie was born, we decided we were done being ‘fruitful and multiplying.' We had the big garage sale, getting rid of everything except the crib; that was lost somewhere in the basement. Having had several miscarriages and difficulties with each pregnancy, we felt like we had crossed the finish line! But God had different plans for us.

We started to hear God call us to adoption. God spoke to us in many different ways. Every sermon, devotion, or song on the radio, were whispers from God. David and I began to pray about adoption. As we added the prayers to our family devotion time, our prayers turned from praying about adoption, to praying about our ‘daughter’ or ‘baby sister.’ We took the leap of faith, and adopted our sweet little Grace from China on May 10, 2005!

Adoption has been the most incredible miracle God has blessed us with. We had prayed for months, as a family, that we would bring happiness and joy to our little girl. God’s plan was much bigger than our prayers. When we took our new daughter to our hotel room after receiving her, she was giggling, laughing, hugging, and sharing her ‘pre-moistened’ crackers with us. God is so amazing - in the first hour we had her, she gave us everything we prayed we would give her! God gave us ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ through our new daughter, Grace!

Our faith grew by leaps and bounds, during our adoption of Grace. There were times, during the adoption process, when we would fear the unknown. With so many papers, people and countries involved in the process, we would occasionally forget God was in complete control. When we received Grace’s referral, and had her in our arms, we knew she had been perfectly planned, created, and chosen for us, by God.

Since adopting Grace, our passion for orphans and adoption has grown. Along with becoming Associates for America World and starting an adoption ministry at our church, we have become involved with a foundation that raises money to care for China’s orphans, called Hopes’ Heart. Through the stories and miracles of the children, Hopes’ Heart and other foundations have helped, our eyes and hearts were opened to the Special Needs orphans in China. We began to pray about another adoption; and specifically, adopting a child with special needs. We poured over numerous pictures of children who needed surgeries for cleft lip, clubfeet, or heart defects. God spoke to us through their beautiful faces, and we are currently in the process of adopting our new daughter, Faith, through America World’s Special Needs program. We know, and have complete faith, that God is in control and that our sweet little Faith has been perfectly planned, created, and chosen for us by God.

Thank you, America World, for leading, guiding, and praying us through this amazing miracle of adoption!

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