Family Stories

The Crebbin Family

Our story begins in 1988, when we married. We always spoke of having three to four children in our family, but after having two biological boys we felt content. Little did we know that God wasn’t done with us!

Over the years the subject of adoption would come up, but that's as far as it got. Our youngest son loved the idea because he always wanted to be a big brother. Our solution was to sponsor a child through Compassion International. We all enjoy this experience yet it did not quench the underlying stirrings in our hearts.

In November of 2003, we attended a conference with guest performer Stephen Curtis Chapman. His family story sounded familiar to ours: husband and children were eager to adopt but the wife was hesitant to start over. On the drive home, Michael broke the silence by asking Toni, ”Have you ever really prayed about it, or do you always just respond with, ‘No'?” Ouch, that hurt! Toni's prayer became, “Lord, if we are supposed to adopt, you need to give me the desire to be a new mom again and send me many confirmations.” The Lord responded with direct assurances of His will and led us specifically to the AWAA website where we signed up for a seminar. We live on an island, so we were amazed to find one that was actually being held within 20 miles from our home and in just three weeks. The first of many confirmations to come!

After the seminar, it was Toni who broke the silence on the drive home. “Honey, I’m scared to admit this, but this feels right."

“ Me too," was my response.

“I feel pulled to China.”

Again, I agreed and added, “How do you feel about a cleft lip/palate baby?”

Toni’s immediate answer was, “No hesitation."

That was January of 2004. By August we sent our completed dossier to China with the approval to adopt a special needs baby. In September, with AWAA not knowing of our conversation in the car seven months earlier, we received “The Call." We were overjoyed with news of our tiny 5-month-old baby girl who had an unrepaired cleft lip/palate. God had prepared us months ahead; we were instantly in love with our little girl with beautiful brown eyes. We celebrated Christmas and New Year that blessed season in no better fashion in China with our daughter, Kaia! We knew even before returning to the U.S. that we would soon be back for another daughter.

In May of 2006, God completed what He began in us 18 years earlier. We returned to China, this time adopting a 2 1/2-year-old girl. Also a special needs adoption, Jaelyn was born without her left forearm. The addition of Jaelyn to our family was every bit as precious as each of our other children. The addition of each child, whether biological or through adoption, is unique and blessed by God. Yes, we've had bumps along the way, but knowing that we are walking in His will and purpose makes it all worthwhile. We are now a family of six and couldn’t be happier!