Team Leader

Are you interested in being a Team Leader for a Storyteller Missions Trip? We are always looking for qualified and available individuals to lead our mission trips. Qualifications we are looking for include previous international travel experience, leadership skills that are confirmed through spiritual and character reference letters, and sharing America Worlds mission and vision.

The mission and vision of America World through the Storyteller Missions Department could not continue without strong leaders willing to accept this weighty responsibility. As team lead you would have our support through prayer, words of encouragement and practical guidance. While the Storyteller Missions department will do the planning for your trip, there are several very important steps you will have to take to be a successful team leader on the field. The work does not begin when you set foot on an airplane, but rather in the months and weeks leading up to the trip. You must give yourself to prayer and fasting. You must also give yourself to active publicity in order to build your team and raise financial support for the work you will be doing.

Interested individuals can submit a Mission Trip Application to America World, after which you will be notified by someone in our Missions Department to further discuss your desires for leading a Storyteller Missions Trip.

We look forward to hearing from you!