China (Shaanxi) June 2016 - Flint Groves Baptist

Dates: June 16-26,2016
Cost: $3,900- $4,300
Location: Shaanxi Province
Team Leader: Sara Tugwell & Ashley Buchanan

*This trip is currently open only to Flint Groves Baptist Church Gastonia, NC*

Storyteller mission teams serve in orphanages that partner with America World Adoption Agency. Our purpose is simply to be the hands and feet of Jesus, as we love, care for, and help meet the needs of an orphanage full of babies and children. Your week might be spent in a wide variety of ways: from holding and feeding babies for hours on end, to playing with the toddlers, to participating in or leading fun exercise and game times, to creating arts and crafts. You might even get the opportunity to participate in field trips, which allow the older children to leave the orphanage and experience life outside of the walls of the only place they know as home. You will also have the opportunity to meet children whose files are at AWAA, and who need people to tell their stories and advocate for their adoption.

As a team, we will raise funds so that we can provide for some of the tangible needs of the orphanage, like diapers and formula.

Many of the children that we work with are considered special needs, and they will touch your heart and change your life. There are also many older boys and young men living in these orphanages who need strong male role models. If you are a male and feel the urgency to go on a trip to China please know that your visitation to these young men can have a profound impact on their futures. Will you consider joining us?

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