China (Guizhou) October 2016 - Felty-Berkley

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Date: October 6-16,2016
Location: Guizhou, China
Leader: Amanda Felty and Darin Berkley
Estimated Cost: $3,200-3,600

Storyteller mission teams serve in orphanages that partner with America World Adoption Agency. Our purpose is simply to be the hands and feet of Jesus, as we love, care for, and help meet the needs of an orphanage full of babies and children. This trip will be slightly different than our other ST Mission trips.....

This year, our Storyteller Missions Department has been given a very unique opportunity to go into a province that holds some of our partnership orphanages, but one in which we have never been granted permission to step foot into! The CCCWA (that oversees the adoption process in China) is inviting us into the province of Guizhou, to meet some very special children already registered for adoption as we participate in their Hope Journey Program. During this trip, we will focus on children whose information appears on China’s “shared list”, but who reside in several of AWAA’s partnership orphanages. These children with medical needs often fall to the wayside and their stories are never told. These children’s files need to be updated, their personalities need to be given a chance to shine, and WE get to tell their stories!

AWAA is opening this trip up to several very specific groups of people. We would love to see team members comprised of families who are praying about adoption from China or may already be in the process. We also desire for this team to have a very large medical presence to assist with assessments and updating files. Lastly, we need people who are passionate about advocating for these special children. We need you to come home and be committed to write, share, and pray relentlessly to let God work through you and help bring these children home to their forever families!

Important details you should know:

When: October 6-16, 2016

Where: Guizhou province

• Families who are potentially adopting from China or highly considering an adoption from China
• Medical personnel
• Committed advocators

Cost: $3200-3600 (costs dependent on cost of airfare at time of travel- could increase/decrease)

What: Shining light on some beautiful children from the shared list by updating files and telling their stories; therefore, being the bridge to help children find their forever families

How: Pray about it! You have the chance to step into a new province with Storyteller Missions and America World Adoption and intertwine with these children's lives. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Becki Carlson, China Missions Coordinator at
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