Honduras Frequently Asked Questions

When did America World start a program in Honduras?
Our program in Honduras officially opened in early 2011. Prior to opening the program to the general public, AW assisted several pilot program families through their adoption process. Additionally, AW works in conjunction with other charitable organizations and non-profits to assist with orphan advocacy in the country of Honduras.
What is the timeline for an adoption from Honduras?
The adoption process timelines vary per family and are subject to change as the family moves through each stage of their adoption process. The total timeframe it will take each family to complete their adoption will depend on the following:

Family Document Collecting- the average document collecting or “paper-chasing” takes 4-6 months, though some families may take longer.

Referral Wait Time - Once your dossier is submitted to DINAF, your family is waiting in line with other dossiers from families all over the United States and world who are waiting to adopt a child from Honduras. While there are many orphans in Honduras, not all of them are registered or qualified for international adoption. For the most current referral wait time, see the requirements page.

Approval Wait Time - Each dossier must go through a series of “approvals” before it is assigned a registration number and the official referral wait time begins. The first approval is by America World and then will be sent to the Honduras Consulate in D.C. for about a week to be reviewed and approved. After the Consulate approves the dossier it is then sent to Honduras for translation and another series of approvals. It can take as little as two months or as many as 8 months for the dossier to receive the final approval and registration number.

A Family Coordinator can discuss these wait time dynamics in more depth over the phone or via email, although it will be impossible to predict the exact timeframe for each family.
What ages of children are available for adoption in Honduras?
Children between the ages of 6 months and 14 years are available for adoption. Siblings are also available for adoption, but prospective parents desiring siblings should be prepared for the oldest child to be over 5 years of age.
What information on the child is provided at the time of referral?
General medical examinations, biographical information and photo(s) will be provided at time of referral. In general there is limited health information available on the children, but America World will provide a list of experienced international adoption specialists who will be able to review the referral information with the family.
Why are children orphaned in Honduras?
Children come into orphanages because of parental abandonment, abuse or neglect, and/or poverty of parents.
Is there a waiting children program?
Some children with special needs may be available, but at this time, this program is still somewhat under development with DINAF. Many of the children available have severe needs.
Does America World partner with orphanages in Honduras?
AW does not partner with specific orphanages in Honduras. We work directly with IHNFA, the central adoption authority in Honduras. Children who are “paper ready” for adoption are matched by DINAF with prospective adoptive parents. Children reside in either an orphanage or a foster home.
Do both parents have to travel?
Both parents must travel and be present in Honduras for the first trip (approximately 5-7 days) and for at least the first week (approximately) of the second trip. Once both parents have completed the necessary court processing, one parent is able to return to the U.S.

Once court is finalized the child is placed directly into the parents’ custody, but they are not able to travel out of the country until immigration processing has been completed, thus at least one parent must remain in the country to take care of the child. We view this as a wonderful opportunity for bonding in the child’s home country.
Do both parents have to be U.S. Citizens?
USCIS requires that at least one parent be a U.S. citizen in order to adopt internationally.
Can U.S. Citizens who live abroad adopt from Honduras?
In general, yes – U.S. citizens who live abroad can adopt from Honduras, however, the cost and process of adoption will vary significantly from information that is provided on our website. We strongly encourage U.S. citizens living abroad and desire to adopt internationally to contact America World directly and ask to speak with an adoption professional in each respective country’s program.
Can single individuals adopt from Honduras?
Single females are permitted to adoption from Honduras. Most foreign countries will not permit single men to adopt internationally.
What does post adoption look like?
After the adoption is complete, adoptive families are required to have their social worker visit the home and submit reports at 3,6,9,12,18 and 24 months intervals. After the 24 month report, families are required to submit annual self-reports until the child/children are 21 years of age.